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June ‘22 Top Trending Content

Turn Content into Customers!

June was jumping with a mashup of a wide variety of content used. The New Small Business collection has been a hit as of course the award winning Dream On video.


Click here to see the Top Trending content collection and start using them with your community. Whether you’re in the beginning stages of marketing or adding emotion to your sales material, Life Happens Pro has the right resources to fit your needs.


Here’s the top ten assets used by Advisors:

  1. Dream On :60 (Unbranded) (Video)
  2. You have two families—one at work, one at home. Life insurance can protect both. (Graphic)
  3. Summer Bucket List (Graphic)
  4. Myth: Life insurance is too expensive. How will I ever be able to afford it? (Graphic)
  5. Life insurance can help your small business (Graphic)
  6. Most people aren’t prepared financially for the death of a primary wage-earner (Graphic)
  7. Disability Insurance 101 Video (Unbranded) (Video)
  8. Today's small wins. (unbranded) (Graphic)
  9. Life insurance can help protect the business you've worked so hard to build (Graphic)
  10. Juanita Flechsing: The Living Benefits of Life Insurance (Video)

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