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Life Happens Pro Customer Spotlight

People of Color Are the Most Underserved Market in Our Industry

“If I exclusively tried to market to the ‘affluent, established’ market, I would severely limit myself,” says Michael Wish, Owner of Michael Wish Insurance Agency in Avon, MA. Michael’s agency sits between two larger cities with large Hispanic, Black, and Asian communities. “These communities have always been an underserved market in our industry,” he adds, so he and his team have been utilizing marketing resources in Life Happens Pro Diverse Voices collection to help reach out to them with social media and marketing pieces that are specifically crafter to get them thinking about why they need life, disability, and long-term care insurance. Additionally, Wish Insurance embedded the wildly popular ‘Dream Onvideo on the homepage of his website. 


Michael is celebrating his 47th year in business this year, and while he offers a complete line of all insurance available, his specialty is life, long-term care, and disability insurance. So, it was ironic that during our conversation, Michael was working from home, bedridden, having a long recovery after surgery to repair a major ankle injury. Of course, his disability insurance kicked in the keep his income stream going. 


Do What You Do Best 

He reflects on how marketing of insurance has changed during his career: Marketing is now very sophisticated, and he prefers to be an insurance expert. That’s why he collaborates with others when it comes to areas where he is not an expert: “We can’t know or do everything, so my advice is to leave the advertising and marketing to the pros. We don’t have the time and budget to create all this from scratch, which is why I rely on the professionals who do this every day. They’re there to help us.” 


Michael has found it interesting how he has attracted customers all over the country who have discovered him through his social media and website. Regular, continuous marketing is important to Wish Insurance. You plant seeds, some will grow faster and bigger than others. Life Happens Pro is low-key, very effective, and better than anything we could ever do,” he says. I may know a lot about insurance, but not how to create a well-polished video. People’s attention span is too short. I’m better at personal conversations than I am developing marketing material.