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May is

Disability Insurance Awareness Month,

created and coordinated by Life Happens.



Life Happens created and coordinates the Disability Insurance Awareness Month (DIAM) campaign every May because disability insurance is arguably the most misunderstood of all major insurances. 

It’s a month when the industry comes together to do something about the enormous gap that exists between Americans’ need for disability insurance and the actual coverage they have. 

This year’s theme for the campaign is:

Rethink disabilities. Rethink disability insurance.

You may not have disability insurance because you think a disability will never happen to you. But defining disabilities might encompass more than you think. Simply put - you can’t tell if someone has a disability by looking at them. Invisible disabilities or chronic illnesses can take away your ability to earn a living just as easily as a visible impairment. Chances are, if you live long enough, you will most likely experience a disability in your lifetime. That’s why disability insurance is so important. It provides a portion of your income if you’re unable to work. In fact, you can also call it income insurance.

Rethink disabilities, and rethink disability insurance. Get insurance for your income today.


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Watch the DIAM 2022 Webinar

Get a head start on planning for May's campaign by watching the DIAM Webinar. We share an overview of all the new content and offer tips for making the most of these 90+ marketing assets.

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Start with the Marketing Guide

Plan for a successful DIAM by using this document with quick tips and campaign planning tips.

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Theme: Rethink disabilities. Rethink disability insurance.

This new theme features new social-media graphics that address common misconceptions about disability insurance and a flyer targeted towards high-income earners.

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Social Media

The social-media calendar, inspiration, life hints, and more are ready to use on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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Disability Insurance 101 Video and Brochure

Short, direct and packed with the vital information people need to learn the basics about this important insurance.

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Real Life Stories

These emotional stories show why disability insurance is key when an illness or injury keeps a breadwinner out of work.

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DIAM Logos

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