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Engaging the Black Community With Life Insurance

We are always looking for prospects that need — and want — our products and services. A new supplemental report that Life Happens conducted with LIMRA, Black Americans: Life Insurance Ownership and Attitudes helps us on that path.

The report shows that almost a third of Black Americans say they are looking for a financial professional to help them. And 38% said the COVID-19 pandemic has been a wake-up call about the need for life insurance, versus 31% for the general population.

Plus: 75% of Black Americans said they needed life insurance, but ownership sits at just 56%.

Life Happens has worked closely with its Diversity Advisory Group to tailor marketing resources that speak directly to the Black community and motivate them to seek out insurance professionals and get the life insurance coverage they need — or more of it.

If you have any questions about these resources or accessing your account, reach out to support@lifehappens.org.

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Consider this your go-to as you explore the new content and plan your ongoing outreach to the Black community.

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Black Americans: Life Insurance Ownership and Attitudes

This new report, a supplement to the 2021 Insurance Barometer Study, is packed with new statistics that can help drive your message home.

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Myths and Misconceptions

Use these resources to get at the heart of what is stopping the Black community from getting life insurance or more of it.

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Dream On

Everyone wants to see themselves reflected in beautiful, powerful storytelling. Embed this video on your website and drive traffic to it or share the link.

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Real Life Stories

These are true stories that show the power of life insurance in action.

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Access all the content created to engage the Black community with life insurance. Resources include flyers, social-media graphics, videos and more.

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