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February is

Insure Your Love




Life Happens created and coordinates the Insure Your Love campaign at the beginning of each year because the basic motivation behind the purchase of life insurance is love. People want to protect their loved ones, and one of the best ways to do that financially is with life insurance.

This year’s theme for the campaign is:

Love Beyond Words

The way you express your love each day, whether through words or actions, strengthens your relationships and makes those close to you feel valued. Love can be expressed in many ways: a knowing glance, a kind deed, shared memories, a thoughtful gift, or words of encouragement.

Getting life insurance is an expression of love that goes beyond words. It shows your loved ones—with certainty—that you care about protecting their future.

It’s time to express love beyond words with life insurance.

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Get a head start on planning for February's campaign by watching the IYL Webinar. We share an overview of all the new content and offer tips for making the most of these 140+ resources.

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Start with the Marketing Guide

Plan for a successful Insure Your Love by using this document with quick tips and campaign planning ideas.

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If you have any questions about your Life Happens Pro account or the resources reach out to support@lifehappens.org.

Two New Real Life Stories

Grab people’s attention by sharing these two new Real Life Stories which show everyday people who benefited from insurance at times of great financial and emotional need.

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Theme: Love Beyond Words

The evergreen theme focuses on the message that getting life insurance is an expression of love that goes beyond words and shows loved ones—with certainty—that you care about protecting their future.

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These can be used digitally as email attachments, printed out, or modified to use in other outreach and collateral.

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Dream On PSA

Leverage the power of storytelling and use the new Dream On video to connect emotionally with your audience.

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Diverse Voices

Life Happens has worked closely with its Diversity Advisory Group to tailor marketing resources that speak directly to the Black community and motivate them to seek out insurance professionals and get the life insurance coverage they need — or more of it. Resources include flyers, social-media graphics, videos and more.

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Full Suite of Insure Your Love Content

Access all the Insure Your Love content featuring the evergreen theme, Real Life Stories, videos, flyers, social-media graphics, email templates and more.

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