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Kelly Rowland as
Life Insurance Awareness Month Spokesperson

Life Happens is collaborating with award-winning singer, songwriter, and mom, Kelly Rowland, as our spokesperson for this year’s Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM). By partnering with Life Happens, Kelly wants to help Americans get the knowledge they need to take action with life insurance through this year’s theme: With life insurance, I’ve got you.

While known for her musical contributions both through her solo career and in Destiny’s Child, off the stage, Kelly has the important role of mother to her two sons, Titan and Noah. Like any parent, Kelly does everything she can to protect those she loves, including safeguarding her family’s financial future with life insurance.

Kelly’s Message to You

Watch Kelly’s important message to the life insurance industry and hear why life insurance is important to her. Share the video with your colleagues to get the word out about LIAM.

Kelly’s Message to Consumers

Watch Kelly’s message to consumers in our new PSA.

Use our resources featuring her powerful message and start talking to Americans about life insurance, candidly, and with emotion. Kelly says it best:

“By having life insurance, you’re saying to your family, ‘I love you. I’ve got you, and I’m seeing to your future no matter what.’ For me having life insurance is really something that eases my heart and my mind.”

Let’s educate consumers, so they can say to their loved ones: “With life insurance, I’ve got you.” Get the PSA, social media graphics, flyer and email template featuring Kelly Rowland here.

Full Suite of Marketing Resources for the Industry

Life Happens coordinates LIAM every September to educate Americans about the importance of life insurance. In addition to the new resources from our LIAM spokesperson Kelly Rowland, use our full suite of marketing resources which include evergreen materials you can use year-round.

We’re committed to providing you with engaging life insurance content, so that together, we can change the conversation about life insurance and help more people get the coverage they need.


Kelly Rowland is the national spokesperson for Life Insurance Awareness Month 2021, and her services were retained by Life Happens. Neither she nor Life Happens endorse any insurance company, product or advisor.