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Watch Kelly Rowland’s message to you about why LIAM is so important.


Join Kelly Rowland and Life Happens for Life Insurance Awareness Month

Life Happens created and coordinates the Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM) campaign every September.

This year, Life Happens is collaborating with singer, songwriter, producer and humanitarian Kelly Rowland for LIAM. By partnering with Life Happens as LIAM spokesperson, Kelly wants to help Americans get the knowledge they need to take action with life insurance through this year’s theme:

With life insurance, I’ve got you.

You would do anything to protect your family and ensure they have a bright future. But have you considered how your loved ones would continue on financially if you were no longer here?

Life insurance is a simple and affordable way to answer that question. It allows you to say to your loved ones, “I’ve got you” … and mean it.

Kelly Rowland is the national spokesperson for Life Insurance Awareness Month 2021, and her services were retained by Life Happens. Neither she nor Life Happens endorse any insurance company, product or advisor.

Watch the LIAM Producer Webinar

Get a head start on planning for September’s campaign by watching the LIAM Webinar for producers. We share an overview of all the new content and offer tips for making the most of these 160+ resources.

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Start with the Marketing Guide

Plan for a successful LIAM by using this document with quick tips and campaign planning ideas.

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If you have any questions about your Life Happens Pro account or the resources featuring Kelly Rowland, reach out to support@lifehappens.org.

LIAM Spokesperson Kelly Rowland Content

Use Kelly’s powerful message that reinforces the LIAM theme “With life insurance, I’ve got you.” Start talking to Americans about life insurance, candidly, and with emotion, using these videos, social-media graphics and flyers. You can use the content featuring Kelly as-is with no modifications through the end of the year.

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Theme: With life insurance, I’ve got you.

The evergreen theme focuses on the message that getting life insurance is a simple and affordable way to say to your loved ones, “I’ve got you” … and mean it. This content doesn’t include LIAM Spokesperson Kelly Rowland.

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New Video PSA: Dream On

Leverage the power of storytelling and use the new Dream On video to connect emotionally with your audience.

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Real Life Stories

These true stories show why life insurance is necessary.

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Full Suite of LIAM Content

Access all the LIAM content featuring Kelly Rowland and the evergreen theme. Resources include videos, flyers, social-media graphics, email templates and more.

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Diverse Voices

Life Happens has worked closely with its Diversity Advisory Group to tailor marketing resources that speak directly to the Black community and motivate them to seek out insurance professionals and get the life insurance coverage they need — or more of it. Resources include flyers, social-media graphics, videos and more.

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