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Life Insurance Awareness Month

Engage in Life Happens’ Industry-Wide Twitter Chat During Life Insurance Awareness Month

Join Life Happens for a Twitter Chat during Life Insurance Awareness Month this September. We’ll discuss all things life insurance, including key data from the 2022 Insurance Barometer Study.


106 million adults are in need of life insurance—or more of it. This Twitter Chat is a great time to educate and inspire your audience so that they can make the easy decision of protecting their families with life insurance.


We anticipate plenty of activity from consumers, the media, insurance companies, agents and advisors. Last year's LIAM Twitter Chat garnered 13.5+ million impressions.


Date: Thursday, September 15 from 1 to 2 p.m. ET


Where: Join us on Twitter using your personal handle or your company’s handle.


Hashtag: Use and follow #LIAM22Chats during the above time frame.


Life Happens will moderate the discussion and drive the conversation on Twitter using the questions and statistics below. Pass your answers through company compliance beforehand if needed. Remember, you’ll have to use the #LIAM22Chats hashtag in each tweet.

Q1: People might think they know what life insurance is, but haven’t actually researched it. What is something you wish more people knew about life insurance? #LIAM22Chats #LIAM22 #GetLifeInsurance

Q2: If you’re a parent, getting life insurance for your kids means you’re protecting their future insurability. Why is this #LifeHint so important? #LIAM22Chats #LIAM22 #GetLifeInsurance

Q3: 51% of Hispanic Americans say they need (or need more) life insurance—which is the highest of any market segment. What may be preventing these Americans from taking action? #LIAM22Chats #LIAM22 #GetLifeInsurance

Q4: We’ve seen the following comment on social media: “Crowdfunding is kind of like life insurance.” What’s your response to this statement? #LIAM22Chats #LIAM22 #GetLifeInsurance

Q5: 1-in-4 Hispanic Americans who have life insurance say they have coverage solely via employer-sponsored benefits. What opportunity does this present to you or your company? #LIAM22Chats #LIAM22 #GetLifeInsurance

Q6: The way consumers take in financial information on social media continues to evolve. How have you re-imagined the way you use social media since more people are turning to it? #LIAM22Chats #LIAM22 #GetLifeInsurance


And don't forget, we have hundreds of resources for Life Insurance Awareness Month available on Life Happens Pro. Many of those resources are also available in Spanish. Get started with the campaign now and participate all month long using #GetLifeInsurance and #LIAM22 on social media.