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Join Life Happens for Our Agent LIAM Webinar

Join Life Happens on Tuesday, August 11, at 2pm E to learn all about Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM) and how to utilize all the amazing, new resources we’ve created for this life-changing campaign. This is your chance to get your community ready and informed about the importance of LIAM and life insurance in general. Let Life Happens be your guide all through LIAM.
In this 30-minute session your company will learn all about all things LIAM including:
  • Spokesperson Brooke Shields
  • This year’s campaign theme: Reality Check: The time for life insurance is now.
  • Our new collection of over 100+ LIAM marketing resources
  • Tips on how to make this year’s campaign a success
  • And so much more!
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You don't have to wait for the webinar to begin using the new LIAM resources. They are available now right here.

Can't attend this webinar? Sign up anyway and we'll send you a recording after it's been completed.