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Life Insurance Awareness Month

Leverage LIAM for Your Entire Agency

With the Agency version, an agency’s marketing team can source continual, valuable content and empower advisors to post and share material. Life Happens Pro leverages the immense Life Happens content library to provide digital marketing tools to communicate to an agency’s customers and prospects. 



Increase your overall agency awareness and customer flow by enabling all advisors in the agency. Multiply your overall marketing impact. At the end of the day, increasing the visibility of the agency’s advisors increases the overall agency brand. Whereas each advisor in the agency has their own customer connections, empowering each person to market themselves and the agency dramatically increases the overall agency awareness and brand. 


The updated Agency version introduces Custom Content Collections. Your agency may now curate appropriate Life Happens content into your own collections. This helps your advisors to leverage content from your collections without requiring time to search and find their own material. Life Happens Pro already provides themed collections such as real-life stories, diverse voices, and young families. 


Coordinate your marketing efforts from one central system sharing valuable content that gets noticed and drives action. Life Happens Pro provides you with the industry’s best and most actionable material. With the Agency version, you’re able to develop a consistent and continual marketing presence.