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Real Life Stories

Media Presence from Multi-Touchpoint Marketing

With much of our lives spent online, Aubrey Fitzloff, an Insurance Broker with LifeTime Insurance Agency, has maximized her digital impact with Life Happens Pro content for more than three years.


“Life Happens Pro has made it easy to build credibility in the social media world because the reality is that people are going to check you out online, especially if they haven’t met you in person.”


One of the ways Aubrey has found works well is through positive word of mouth she gains by being the ‘subject matter expert’ among her social groups.


“I have really looked at social media as a way of providing a presence of credibility more than an active marketing strategy. Most of our new clients come from referrals, but I am seeing more and more business owners who I work with tagging me in their Facebook networking groups when people they know are asking questions about life insurance.”


“What I want is for someone asking for help to see how active my page is and that it has content that educates them. When they call me, I want them to know they are talking to someone knowledgeable in the field.”


But one of the selling points for Aubrey was the ability to put her phone number in front of people on all of her social media posts.


“One of the biggest decisions for me upgrading [on Life Happens Pro] was the ability to brand the social media and marketing pieces to get my contact information on them. We make sure our phone number and email address are on just about everything.”


As a life insurance professional, she has maximized her time and focus by trusting us with her content calendar and copywriting.


“We have been using the social media calendar as a way to put content onto our pages without having to [post to each channel individually]. Those of us who are out working the life insurance markets, the last thing we need to do is to try to learn to copywrite – that’s not our job.”


“I know you guys have drafted templates of emails that we can customize to send to our clients and prospective clients. I know that y’all have marketing pieces that I can download and send to our printer – so our intention is to start implementing even more content over the next six months into what is already working well for us.”


Aubrey has found one of the best ways to bridge emails, flyers and brochures to clients in a meaningful way has been to utilize Real Life Stories.


If you have encountered a powerful story and would like to submit it for the chance to be a feature Real Life Story, share it with us here.


“The reality is that the concepts of insurance products are not innately attractive, but when you can show someone how that has made a difference in somebody else’s life, that is where they start thinking, ‘We really need to think about this to protect our family.’”


From Aubrey’s own life experiences, she mentioned that even with the grit and determination to put herself through college, a life insurance policy after the passing of her mother would have dramatically helped make those years easier.


She also observed that the stories of people who didn’t have life insurance to support their families are just as powerful as the content where people did have coverage.


“Equally as strong are the stories of people who didn’t have life insurance and suffered from a loss. I think that content helps light the fire to get people thinking about life insurance and supporting their families in a worst-case scenario. Rather than telling my own story when sitting down with a client, having access to other families’ stories where things happened – it just helps add another piece to helping people.”


“The reality is we want to take care of the people we love, and the products that I work with are conceptually complex. But if you can see how it would help your family... that will usually help move that conversation.



As a Life Happens Pro advocate, Aubrey encouraged new members to follow the social media calendar in order to learn best practices for social media marketing.


“You guys have already created a road map to help somebody that doesn’t know how to start using their digital assets. Go download the social media calendar and literally just copy and paste the content and captions. I think it is a good idea to put your name and phone number on the content too.”


Other advice she gave was to track your numbers, start slow so that you can make the most of each type of asset, and ask every client how they got your phone number when they reach out to you.


“Life Happens Pro was an affordable way for me to figure out marketing when there really weren’t dollars there for my marketing. I’m happy to support an organization that helps people start marketing since we all can’t afford radio ads or billboards at the start. This is a great way to start without a large risk financially.”