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Insure Your Love

It's Cold Out, So Let's Heat Up at Least One Thing ... Your Marketing

I can pretty safely say that right now, today, you're cold. The whole country is--from Florida to Alaska. I'm bundled up against -10 windchill. So, since we're all inside, trying to stay warm, why not use the time to get off to a quick new year's start with a complete marketing campaign? It's called the Insure Your Love...

Life Insurance

Who's Not Buying Life Insurance (and Why) AKA Who Are Your Prospects

This infographic shows who's not buying life insurance—and why. But I think the interesting thing is that most of the reasons they give is from confusion and ignorance. That's where agents (and Life Happens, we hope) play a role in helping them understand why they need it and then getting that coverage.  This data...

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The Life Happens Pro Blog

The Life Happens Pro Blog is the go-to place for tips and best practices for using the Life Happens Pro resources, plus you’ll get sales advice and industry insight from some of the top advisors in the business.